The Advantages of Two-Phase Treatment Enid, OK

Two-phase treatment takes into account the physical, and facial changes as well as tooth straightening. The goal is to create a healthy, stable bite that will last a lifetime. By addressing jaw growth discrepancies first, we can create a harmonious environment for the permanent teeth to erupt, and make the straightening phase more efficient.

What Happens if We Wait to Start Treatment?

Enid Orthodontic treatment can happen at any age, however, it may be more involved if left until after the jaw has stopped growing.

Advantages of Two-Phase Treatment Enid

What is Phase One Treatment?

During the first phase of treatment, our goal is to help guide the growth of the jaw to accommodate the permanent teeth and ensure the jaws fit together properly.

What is The Resting Period?

A resting period follows phase one to allow the remaining permanent teeth to erupt.

What is Phase Two Treatment?

The second phase of treatment is the straightening phase. This will involve guiding the teeth to their ideal locations to ensure a beautiful smile and harmonious bite. This phase usually involves braces on both the upper and lower teeth. This phase begins once all permanent teeth have erupted, and typically lasts about 24 months.