When you are in Enid orthodontic treatment, there may be a time when you experience a mishap with your braces or other appliance. True Enid orthodontic emergencies are extremely rare, so don’t worry — most issues you can handle at home or during regular office hours!

Broken wires and loose brackets are the most common issues you may encounter. But there is no reason to panic!

  • If your wire breaks, it could be sharp and cause injury to the inside of your mouth. If the wire has come loose from the bracket, you can use a clean pair of tweezers or the eraser end of a pencil to gently place the wire back in place. If you can’t get it in place, use some orthodontic wax over the end of the wire to prevent it from causing injury. Or you can use a clean and sanitized pair of nail clippers to carefully clip the wire behind the last bracket it is attached to.
  • A loose bracket won’t be painful, but it could be annoying. Using clean tweezers slide the bracket back into place or at least a comfortable position. You can also use orthodontic wax to hold the bracket in place.

The best way to avoid problems while in braces is to follow all care instructions as given by your orthodontist or assistant. That means avoiding foods on the “do-not-eat” list. We know it can be annoying to have to avoid some of your favorite foods while in treatment, but it will definitely help you avoid damaging your braces!

Avoid anything too hard, crunchy, sticky, or chewy. These can pull brackets off or bend the wires, meaning your braces can’t do their job.

It’s also important to protect your mouth if you play contact sports or are involved in any activity where a blow to the mouth could occur.

If you experience a minor mishap while in braces and need assistance, contact Rose Rock Orthodontics today.